HQ and Bean Store
10-11 Rosemary Court
Wurundjeri Country
Mulgrave, VIC 3170

Opening Hours
Mon-Fri: 9am to 4.30pm
Sat-Sun: Closed


What is Pulverised Coffee?

OASIS Greek and Turkish style coffees start their journey as freshly harvested green arabica and robusta beans sourced from far and wide origins across the globe. 

We then roast and produce signature blends for each of our OASIS three coffees; Greek, Turkish light or dark creating the unique flavour profile that OASIS is renowned for.

Where other brands merely use the term ‘pulverised’ as a marketing claim, we use one-of-a-kind manufacturing process with specialised equipment to finely pulverise our coffees. Achieving a texture that is much finer than grinding. 

Granulometry testing has revealed that OASIS Greek Coffee has a finer particle size than other products in the segment – leading to an authentic tasting Greek and Turkish style coffee that delivers a superior flavour and in-cup experience. It’s Australia’s finest pulverised coffee!